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At ISS, We Will Reinvest Into People And Planet!

Our start-up business planning and advising has come through a sustainability consulting agency, Thrive Consultancy. Our short and long-term goals are to create positive change. You may learn more about Thrive and their services by clicking here.


We don’t just want you to achieve your health and fitness goals, we want a better planet for you to live on. Among the first of our sustainability-driven decisions is to only use bio-degradable material in all our offices and for our shipping material. Currently, both the packaging and tape we use to send locally for small shipments throughout the US are biodegradable. The rest of our packages for larger shipments are cardboard boxes with minimal paper use.


If consumers know how to compost, they may use the bio-degradeable packaging as a carbon source as well as the cardboard (we advise shredding the cardboard into small pieces before composting). Otherwise, if it does end up in a landfill, it will have fully decomposed by the end of the year. Although we know consumers will compost and these resources will re-enter the earth where they belong!


Thrive Consultancy
The start of something beautiful

Our Carbon Control Initiative!

We are now pairing with Stripe Climate in order to reduce CO₂ from the atmosphere by donating 1% of total revenue to technologies that aid in carbon removal. Yes, that’s right, 1% of total revenue and not just profit. This will equate to about 5% of profit or more depending on our margins, which we keep small to allow you to keep buying affordable supplements. Being healthy and strong should not cost you and arm and a leg! As such, not only will you be benefiting your body, but also the planet when you buy with us! Click here to learn more about our initiatives with Stripe Climate.


We have also paired with Greenspark, an organization that will plant trees, remove plastic from the ocean, and also reduce carbon footprints with our customers’ help. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled whenever you make a purchase, write a review, or subscribe to our newsletter so that you can make an impact with us along the way! You can click here to see our public partnership page with Greenspark to see what awesome changes we have made and will make in the future!

Social Media Updates!

We have more incentives that we will implement later that will be updated immediately through our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook. 


Please follow our social media pages by scrolling down to the footer of this webpage, locating the “Follow Us” heading, and clicking the Instagram or Facebook icons below them to follow us on either platform of your choosing! See you there!


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