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about iss


Innovative Strength Solutions, a sustainable startup headquartered in Arizona, USA, specializes in providing affordable and effective supplements tailored for individuals of all ages and genders, with a particular emphasis on addressing the needs of contemporary athletes.


We prioritize reinvesting in both people and the planet, collaborating closely with Thrive Consultancy, a sustainability consulting agency, to ensure decisions maximize positive impact. We aim to foster personal growth and well-being while nurturing a healthier planet for all inhabitants.


We have over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Our team, led by CEO Abdallah Khalife, possesses extensive expertise across various disciplines. This includes calisthenics, CrossFit, powerlifting, endurance and strength training, as well as martial arts.

Rigorous Testing

Our formulas undergo rigorous testing on both Abdallah himself and his clients, consistently delivering exceptional performance results. Any supplement failing to meet desired effects, regardless of scientific backing or hype, is promptly discarded. Only supplements demonstrating clear and pronounced benefits are incorporated into our formulas.


While possessing ample experience, the development process demands extensive knowledge. Abdallah is a certified trainer by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He also holds a certification in Integrative Nutrition to further enhance his expertise in the field.

Science and Expertise

All our formulas are meticulously crafted based on scientific principles and nutritional expertise to ensure safety and efficacy across all demographics. Each formula is supported by thorough scientific evidence, with transparent citations provided. This commitment to science and quality positions ISS at the forefront of industry innovation.

Our products contain no pro-hormones, as we prioritize offering only the highest quality ingredients and formulations.

For Everyone!

Our primary goal is enhancing health, well-being, performance, and athletic abilities. Our products cater to all, regardless of age or gender. Whether young or old, male or female, we’re here to support you in surpassing limitations and achieving your utmost potential.

Innovative Strength Solutions. NO LIMITS. BE STRONG.

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