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about iss


Innovative Strength Solutions is an Arizona, USA-based sustainable start-up that provides affordable and effective sports supplements for the modern athlete.


Our goal is to re-invest in people and the planet. We work with a sustainability consulting agency, Thrive Consultancy while making the majority of our decisions to create as much positive change as possible. We want a better YOU and a better planet for YOU to live on!


We make our formulas from EXPERIENCE. Abdallah Khalife, product developer, owner, and CEO has been in the health and fitness industry for 14+ years and has competed as an athlete since he became a Jujitsu national champion. His extensive background covers calisthenics, CrossFit, powerlifting, endurance and strength training, martial arts, and MUCH MORE!


These are formulas he has tested on himself and his clients over the years with phenomenal results in performance. If it doesn’t work, regardless of the science or hype, WE SCRAP IT! Only supplements with CLEAR and PRONOUNCED benefits are in these formulas.


Despite having more than enough experience, a lot of knowledge is involved in development. Abdallah is a NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine, certified personal trainer and Integrative Nutrition certified. 


All formulas are based on science and nutrition in order to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE for all ages and genders. All scientific evidence has the relevant citations attached. It places ISS at a cutting-edge above the rest.


There are NO pro-hormones in our products since we aim at providing only the HIGHEST quality ingredients and formulations.


Our main goal is to improve your health, well-being, performance, and athletics! We are for HIM and HER. YOUNG and OLD. We are YOU. We want YOU to break your limits and achieve your BEST POSSIBLE SELF!


Innovative Strength Solutions. NO LIMITS. BE STRONG.